Ruby- A dynamic, open source language, Ruby is easy to learn and code. It focuses on productivity and simplicity, and it can be used for web applications, servers, system utilities, backups and database works. As we have discussed that you need front-end frameworks to empower websites along with front-end technologies. In the same way, you need back-end frameworks as only back-end technologies do not design the server-side. There are lots of back-end frameworks are available in the market and Express, Node Js and Django are the most popular. Start learning these frameworks and practice more and more to become an expert in creating back-end layers.

By using Redux you’ll be able to use central state management in your application which makes data handling across components much more easier. React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.The framework is fully component-based. With Python, you’re able to cover a wide range of use cases. You can implement command line scripts, GUI application, and web applications. Furthermore, the Python programming language is currently fueling scientific computing.

At Skillcrush, we tend to recommend that someone new to tech start by focusing on front end web development rather than trying to learn all of the full stack skills at once. In our experience, it’s very hard to put the time into learning tech skills if you’re bouncing around between too many lessons. There is no doubt that every programmer should know Git and Github as they are the standard in terms of version control and code repository. If you want to learn and master Git and Github, you can check this list of books and courses to learn Design patterns.

If you are a beginner, start learning backend or frontend. If you want to build a simple website with no authentication system, no admin panel; the bottle framework is your choice. Refer to a simple guide to build your website using a bottle framework. Simplilearn offers a Professional Certificate Program in Cloud Computing in collaboration with the University of California, Irvine.

full stack developer roadmap

This is where client applications will make requests for data or webpages. Remember, the core to become a full stack MERN developer is to have sound technical knowledge of underling languages like HTML/CSS and Javacsript. The blog mentions all the stuff you need to expertise in order to be a full fledged full stack developer.

Some Benefits Of Full Stack Developers

Every developer should be familiar with both types of databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, e.t.c. The choice of a stack for a full stack web developer depends on the individual goals, company requirements, etc. It is designed for fast performance and it can scale with demand.

Frameworks — both for frontend and backend development— makes developing common functionality easier and faster. However before starting to use a framework you should always try to gain a profound understanding of the underlying technology stack (e.g. JavaScript). This will help you to learn a framework and understand the concept. There are many benefits to using the Python programming language for web development.

full stack developer roadmap

It is a software that allows you to manage and track changes to the source code and also revert to a previous version of the code, instead of manually reverting the changes. Git is one of the most popular and widely used version control systems. The compiled code of a Java application (called “bytecode”) runs on most operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Rails is an MVC (model-view-controller) framework that providing default structures for a database, a web service, and web pages. It encourages and facilitates the use of web standard documents such as JSON or XML for data transfer and HTML, CSS and JavaScript for user interfacing. It is as reputable as java but offers less open source and more proprietary libraries to speed up the development process. Due to the dependency on proprietary code developers usually do not find .Net suitable for small scale projects. Laravel is an opensource framework of PHP and it is based on the symphony. Laravel follows MVC architecture pattern Laravel offers robust job processing with database ORM, fast routing engine and many more features.

And, if you don’t mind learning from resources then you can also use this list of free algorithms courses to start with. So, upto this point we’ve covered the front end & the backend application module. This course on Udemy is from an instructor who has worked as a Spring consultant in the industry. The course educates you step by step on how to build spring applications using Spring 5 & Spring Boot 2. Be it writing monoliths, microservices, serverless applications, reactive, event-driven, cloud-native application or any other kind of application – Spring framework has got you covered.

The key elements that define a full-stack developer are as follows.Mastering these skillsas a bundle is what makes a developer truly ‘Full Stack’. Startups on the other hand prefer to hire full-stack developers as they have a lean team structure and are always on the lookout for multitaskers. Having a full-stack developer on board is much more profitable than hiring niche developers. But then again to have career growth in those companies you need to be a full stack developer, else you will be the underdog there .


They are useful when you need to have continuous data exchanges like in chat applications. One of my favorite features in JavaScript is de-structuring – it is easy to write and makes the language super powerful. You will need to learn some of the basic features of the language like Data Types, Loops, and Conditionals.

Hence, one should properly work with all the frameworks closely on the personal project and then finalize the framework for his/her professional web application. Frameworks is a set of resources, rules and pre written codes which are used by developers to give an extra out of the box look up to their websites. Frameworks allow the developers to reuse and edit the pre written codes according to their requirement and add the extra touch to their work. This is simply a guide for those who are looking to start learning Front End Development. If you are interested in getting a full-stack development job, check out the full-stack developer interview questions asked in Morgan Stanley.

  • Leverage features that these frameworks offer such as breaking up the page into components, re-usability of those components, dynamic loading and so on.
  • I opted for React after some research, and therefore that’s what I recommend you to learn as well.
  • As these frameworks are built on top of JavaScript, it is possible to achieve all the features of a framework with normal JavaScript as well.
  • It educates you on how the real-world industry projects use the framework, what are the best practices involved and so on.
  • This provides the ability to learn and improve without being explicitly programmed.
  • Although the security of Laravel is not as good as java these days it is as popular as node js.
  • It includes programs, code libraries, and compilers which when brought together enable the development of a project or system.

In 2021, there were more than 6000 job openings listed on Indeed for front-end developers. CSS files can quickly become huge and difficult to maintain. Moreover, CSS doesn’t support some powerful programming features like variables and functions. Thus, we make use of CSS preprocessors that are scripting languages, extending the default capabilities of CSS. The extended CSS code is compiled and the output is the regular CSS file. With the help of CSS preprocessors, we can use logic in our script files like variables, functions, mixins, inheritance, nesting inheritance, and mathematical calculations.

When certain libraries are added to each application, it gets updated in a period which in turn creates a new version of it. Using Git is a very good practice if you’re working on applications. Git is an open-source platform where the entire code exists from the initial time. It is secure, flexible, easy to edit, and restores the code. It has repositories where all files including the codebase are saved and one can make changes according to the requirement.


Once you have a solid knowledge, these two will let you build structured, elegant and responsive websites with static content such as a blog or a portfolio page. You’ll also use this knowledge in the following chapters where you’ll deal with browser-side JavaScript code or a front-end framework such as React. After that, if you want to learn more, you can look into GraphQL which is a data query and manipulation language for APIs. Personally, I would also spend some time learning PostgreSQL.

full stack developer roadmap

Like Angular is backed by Google, React is backed by Facebook and hence quite popular. If you want to learn React then you either join Stephen Grider’s Modern React with Redux or Max’s React — The Complete Guide on Udemy. Gone are the days when people build websites using plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Nowadays most of the work is done by a framework like Angular, React JS, or Vue.js. These are the building blocks of any program and better knowledge of Algorithms and Data Structure is key for your next job or doing well on your current job. In Frontend also you can choose to learn the framework you want like React, Angular or Vue.js, you don’t need to learn them all but learn the one you like.

If you want to get a job in IT companies or other sectors, then you need a relevant degree or courses along with full stack developer skills. But if your dream is to start your own business or you want to become a freelance full stack developer, then no degree is required, you just need a strong full stack development skillset. Full-stack development is developing and designing the front end layer, back end layer and database layer of websites and applications. A full-stack developer is a professional web developer or engineer who has expert knowledge of the front end, back end and database of web or application.

Spring Boot

Django is a free and open-source project with a large developer community. As such, it sees frequent enhancements in its features of security, user and roles management, and database migration management. Django also has a REST framework that fully supports RESTful How to Hire a Full Stack Developer Web APIs. Being the only programming language that can possibly be used on the front-end side, JavaScript is an essential part of web development. As I mentioned earlier, you’re going to be able to develop back-end code with it too, once you learn Node.js as well.

full stack developer roadmap

And the person who has a great piece of knowledge of both the front and back end is called a full stack Developer. It’s your choice what you want to be only front or back end developer or you want to be a master in both i.e. Node.js enables you to execute JavaScript code at the backend and is extremely powerful especially if Node.js is used together with the Express middleware. From a total of 37k stars on Github Vue has evolved to 78k stars at the end of 2017.

But personally, I would continue by learning at least one framework. When you know the basics of HTML and CSS, the next step is to build some basic websites. For example, you can try a Homepage, a Form like a login page or a checkout page. And let’s start off by talking about Responsive Websites. Alright, so these are the tools that you need to know of when getting started.

Top 15 Online Courses To Learn Docker, Kubernetes, And Aws For Fullstack Developers And Devops

Technical job interview questions function slightly differently than some of the interview questions you may have answered in the past. The best way to prepare for them is to practice via mock interviews. Here’s a list of technical questions to get you started, as well as some of the most common front end development interview questions. The title “full stack developer” describes a programmer who’s qualified to work on both the “front end” and “back end” of websites and mobile applications (e.g., Android, iOS, etc.). This means full stack developers working on apps can also be considered software engineers. Zoraiz said…I’m currently a CS undergraduate looking to learn more about java.

Getting Started With Python

Spring originated as an MVC framework but today it’s an entire ecosystem. Besides, the popular UI frameworks that I’ve listed above – React, Angular & Vue, there is a plethora of other JavaScript frameworks present for every possible use case. Also, a new wave of UI frameworks & libraries hits us every year that augments the number of JavaScript frameworks and libraries that we have. At the same time, this doesn’t mean that it’s a mandate to use a framework every time we write the front-end module of our application. There are always trade-offs involved when using a framework or a library & it largely depends on the use case.

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How to work on Hybrid Web Appsto master all the areas of a developer. It will let you access and make changes in the database. Developed in 2007, it creates a static and compiled language that is similar to C++.

Step 4: Begin And Practice Front End Development

This has become one of the top skills you can learn to get a job. This is the place where people take care of the Visible things that are the User Interaction and Interface Elements of the website. That is, you render the data in a form that is easy and looks attractive for the user to consume.